Kept My License and Internship


"I hired Mr. Schwartz to represent me for my DUI case in DeKalb county. I am a student in Athens with a paid internship on the weekends in Atlanta. Losing my license would have meant losing a great future employment opportunity. I wasn't sure what to do, but Mr. Schwartz helped me every step of the way. He was always very professional and easy to get in touch with. In the end, I was able to keep driving and received very minimal probation--even though I was over twice the legal limit when arrested. He knows the legal system very well and will work hard to get you the best possible outcome to your case. I don't think anyone else is really capable of doing what he does, and I would hire him again in a heartbeat."

Ryan Was Born to Do This! the Best Lawyer Hands Down!


"Roughly two years ago, I had the misfortune of being arrested for a DUI in Fulton county. I blew way over the limit and was immediately sent to Fulton county jail. I was lucky enough to meet someone while waiting to be bailed out who knew Ryan! I was arrested early Sunday morning and was able to get in contact with him Sunday night. My court date was Monday so I desperately needed an attorney! Not only did Ryan meet with me that morning at court, but he also immediately advised me what steps I should take. He even allowed me to make payments to him instead of paying the attorney fees upfront! This is rare! When I had to report my case to the boards for my RN license. Ryan was gracious enough to write them a letter informing them of my case. Not only did Ryan always keep me up to date with my case, but he was able to give me the miracle I so desperately needed and got my DUI reduced to a reckless driving charge. Ryan always made me feel like everything was going to be okay and always remained positive about my case when I had lost all hope. If there is ever another moment that I need an attorney I will without a shadow of a doubt hire Ryan again. He is fantastic at what he does and I am so blessed to have been able to get the opportunity to work with him. He is number one in my book!"

He Got a Dismissal, when The Circumstances Were Bleak!!


Ryan is detailed, trustworthy, non-judgmental and a compassionate attorney. He is persistent and on top of things, which is what sets him apart from other attorneys. As an attorney myself, I turned to Ryan and the results could not be better for my family's circumstance. He knows his way around the court room, knows your case in and out and gets the job done. He got a dismissal, when the circumstances were bleak!! Highly recommended, if you are on the fence about which attorney to choose, choose Ryan!"

It Was Clear He Had an Established Relationship with The Henry County Court System.


Ryan was recommended to me by someone in a completely different state and he didn't disappoint. To start off he offered a very fair price . He was always able to put my anxiety and racing thoughts at ease and was always available for questions through texts and calls even for a relatively simple case for which there wasn't a court date for a year. He helped with things such as drafting a letter to explain my case to employers without even having an arraignment. He always painted a realistic picture without fear setting. It was great finally getting to meet him during my court day, it was clear he had an established relationship with the Henry County court system which helped get the best possible outcome for my case . He even helped another person in court whose lawyer didn't show but Ryan had his number . Would definitely recommend."

He Went Above and Beyond My Full Expectations of A Lawyer!


"He went above and beyond my full expectations of a lawyer! I am so completely satisfied with the outcome of my case."

Ryan Was My "Tranquilizer."


"I recently received a DUI citation. I was totally traumatized. I immediately started looking for an attorney, and was referred to Ryan. Within minutes of meeting him, I knew I had found the right lawyer. I am so grateful for his steadfast help, honesty and his comfortable demeanor. He guided me through the process, and was straight-forward and as helpful as possible. I can't emphasize enough how personally Ryan takes your case, and how available he makes himself when you need him. I admire his character, knowledge and caring nature. He's an entire law firm wrapped up into one person, and treats you like an old friend. I'm on Team Ryan!!!"

What Every Attorney SHOULD Be.

"I received a citation for violation of a traffic signal, when I had not. After interviewing several attorneys, and not feeling 'right' in my gut about any of them ( some even suggested that I accept the citation for a reduction on points !) , I was referred to Ryan by a fellow top notch attorney (Ms. M. Rosenberg). It took 3 minutes of speaking with him (he called me back when he was on vacation) to know he was that 'right' one. Ryan is honest, refreshing, educated, passionate, protective about his clients' rights, and goes the extra mile to find them justice. He reviewed all aspects of my case and took the time to explain his strategy beforehand. And it played out precisely like he had meticulously planned. He also had several alternative scenarios worked out in case this line failed. My case was dismissed before it even went to trial. If you want the best of the best, but think that will cost you an arm and a leg- call Ryan. His exemplary service is worth many times more than what he charges."

Put Me at Ease from Day One.


"Mr. Schwartz is an extraordinary professional! I was recently involved in a bad car accident which totaled my car and plagued me with various certified letters from the other driver involved. Large legal terms, various court dates, and insurance forms began to pile up leaving me anxious and hopeless. After a friend heard about what was going on, she referred me to Mr. Schwartz to seek legal advice. Personally, I have not had the greatest experiences with attorneys in the past so I was very reluctant to inquire further but I eventually placed the call. Within the first five minutes of talking to Mr. Schwartz I was immediately put at ease! He answered my relentless list of questions day or night, included me in all decisions regarding my case, thoroughly examined all aspects of the case, and made me feel empowered to tell my side of the story regarding the accident. It has been an honor to work with someone of his caliber and legal expertise. Mr. Schwartz is deliberate when providing and executing his professional knowledge by paying great attention to every detail. For me, one of his most important skill sets is his ability to keep his client's best interest in mind. This 4 month long headache involved two court appearances, two "not guilty pleas", and finally ending after my case was dropped by the city of Atlanta. I know, without a doubt, that I would not have had any success if I didn't make the call to Mr. Schwartz. I am humbled to have worked with someone of such high integrity and who is so committed to his client's success. A truly great business partner, I have and will continue to recommend his legal services to everyone I can. Thank you Mr. Schwartz for giving me the ability and confidence to voice my side of the story"

I Was Facing a Pretty Serious Misdemeanor Charge and Ryan Was Able to Get the Case Completely Dismissed.

Former Client

"I was facing a pretty serious misdemeanor charge and Ryan was able to get the case completely dismissed. He took my case with enthusiasm and saw it through to the very end and I couldn't be happier! If i had any friends or loved ones that needed an attorney, I would 100% refer them to him."

So Glad I Went with Ryan!

Former Client

"Someone claimed that my significant other had committed battery. I was referred to Ryan through a couple other attorneys who could not take my case. Ryan met up with us almost immediately to discuss the incident. I tend to ask a TON of questions and Ryan was patient, assuring, and honest. He didn't feed us blind hope, and he was realistic with our options, but his confidence in a positive outcome turned out to be right. And even though our situation might be small in comparison to his other cases, Ryan made sure to respond to every correspondence immediately. I appreciated his attentiveness and care. Will keep him in mind for future cases."

Outstanding Attorney


He was upfront with his retainer and the process of my case. I'm not going to lie this was a difficult case and a hard one to win. He was able to negotiate a plea and even answer questions after the case was over. Thanks Ryan"

Ryan Said He Would Be Able to Resolve My Case in A Matter of Minutes..And He Did!

Former Client

"I was searching for a lawyer to handle some traffic violations. Many of the attorneys I consulted were trying to scare me with multiple court proceedings and charging high fees. Ryan said he would be able to resolve my case in a matter of minutes..and he did! Very talented at his job and knows what hes doing. Highly recommend!"

No Points on My Record!!


I needed a lawyer for a speeding ticket I got in Nov 2017, and the ones that I had spoken with where fast talking and a little shady. Not knowing any lawyers that handled speeding tickets, I searched on google and went thru a huge list of lawyers. I finally came across Attorney Ryan's profile and for some reason I chose him. I filled out my information on his website and uploaded my speeding ticket. The very next day he called me. He gave me his fee and explained what he would do and basically how things would go. The first thing he did was got my court date pushed back, which gave me time to take a Defensive Driving class (as he recommended). My court date was rescheduled for today. Attorney Ryan met me at court and he did all the work. I didn't have to open my mouth. My speeding ticket was a #SuperSpeeder in a #ConstructionZone. I've had 4 speeding tickets in 5 years. Attorney Ryan got my ticket reduced and I paid a MUCH LESSER fine than I expected!! No Points on my record!! To say that I'm very happy with my outcome, would be a definite understatement!! If you're looking for a lawyer that will be honest and fight to get you the best deal, then make sure to call Attorney Ryan Schwartz... He's That Lawyer!!!"

I Was out The Door in About 30 Minutes.

Former Client

I am so glad I hired Ryan. I received a ticket for running a red light. I had no tickets in over 25 years, so it wasn't like I was going to lose my license or go to jail over it, but it was important to me to keep my driving record clear. Many friends and colleagues suggested I just pay the ticket and be done with it, but I called a few lawyers anyway. When I called Ryan I was impressed that, unlike the others, he actually answered the phone personally and took the time to speak with me. He was confident that he could assist me, but at the same time didn't make any unrealistic guarantees. I soon realized just how invaluable he was. He explained everything clearly when we first spoke, and also he walked me through each step in court. He negotiated the charge so that I received no points on my record, which was my primary objective. Also, by having an attorney represent me, my case was taken before those representing themselves. Based on how crowded that court was, it appeared that without Ryan, I could have been sitting there the entire day. Instead, I was out the door in about 30 minutes. I wouldn't hesitate to call Ryan again for legal representation or refer him to friends."

He Was Knowledgeable of The Judges and Prosecutors Connected with The Case and Worked Diligently with Them to Get the Case Dismissed.


I hired Ryan Schwartz to help me with a Traffic Misdemeanor case. He got right to it as soon as we signed the contract. He was there to take my calls and answer my questions which gave me peace of mind. He was knowledgeable of the Judges and prosecutors connected with the case and worked diligently with them to get the case dismissed. Traffic, Injury, Defense? Ryan Schwartz comes highly recommended."

I was able to avoid an unfair plea agreement.

Danny G.

Due to Ryan Schwartz hard work and dedication to my case, I was able to avoid an unfair plea agreement. He helped me rid myself of an unwarranted DUI charge, which in turn diminished other charges involved in my case. Overall, he saved me from having to serve over a year in jail, and we avoided having my license suspended. My family and I are grateful for all he has done. If you have an accident or just need a defense attorney, I highly recommend giving Mr. Schwartz a call.

I am very thankful that I had him on my side of the courtroom

Kaleo C.

I highly recommend hiring Ryan as your lawyer for any case that you may have pop up. And if Ryan can't help you he will know somebody who can. Ryan has helped me in my family get through a very tough time and I am very thankful that I had him on my side of the courtroom.

I am extremely satisfied with my results

Craig M.

I highly recommend Ryan for anyone in need of a traffic attorney. Hi did an excellent job handling me and my ticket, displaying a deep understanding intricacies of the county where I was cited and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for me. My outcome was outstanding and better than I anticipated. His responsiveness and willingness to answer my questions was quite helpful throughout the process. Additionally, Ryan's fees were very reasonable, making it a very cost-effective choice compared to alternative options (esp trying to handle this without counsel!). I am extremely satisfied with my results and will not hesitate to use Ryan's firm again in the future.

I highly recommend him!

Andrew L.

Ryan was extraordinarily professional, personable and efficient in taking care of my legal matter. I highly recommend him!

Ryan Got Right on It as Soon as We Signed the Contract.

Former Client

"I hired Ryan Schwartz to help me with my Aggravated Battery case. Ryan got right on it as soon as we signed the contract. Whenever I tried to reach Ryan, he was always there to take my call, not some secretary or assistant. He never acted like he was too busy to take my call or answer my questions. Ryan worked rigorously to talk the prosecutor into making a deal. He was able to negotiate with them and get me a Diversion program with only having to complete community service hours and payment for restitution. He heard my side of the story and fought hard to get me out of a sticky situation. I would recommend anyone needing a lawyer to go with Ryan Schwartz."

If You're Looking for An Attorney that Treats You Like a Person, Gets the Job Done, Goes Above and Beyond for You Your Family and For the Inevitable End Result... Mr. Ryan Schwartz Is Your Man!


"Let's face it... nowadays people are treated like numbers and not like people. If you're looking for an attorney that genuinely cares about not only the outcome of your case but also your well-being, your peace of mind and your reputation then you're in the right place. There was never a moment where I felt like I was being misrepresented or something could be going better. Mr. Schwartz took care of every single one of my needs and was in constant communication with me considering I lived out of state. He was my warrior in a battle... one that if I didn't have him defeat would've been likely! His professionalism and optimistic attitude always kept me in the right state of mind throughout these trials and tribulations that he was helping me overcome. If you're looking for an attorney that treats you like a person, gets the job done, goes above and beyond for you your family and for the inevitable end result... Mr. Ryan Schwartz is your man!"

Immediately Impacted the Litigation Process to Our Benefit Within 24 Hours


"Attorney Schwartz took my sons case on very short notice and immediately impacted the litigation process to our benefit within 24 hours. Throughout the process, he utilized every tool in his toolkit and skillfully negotiated on our behalf. One charge was dropped and two others were reduced to minor infractions that will be sealed verdicts. We could not be happier with the professional services Attorney Schwartz provided, and for the outcome that he produced for us. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat."

Ryan Was Easy to Work with Responded Quickly with Any Questions I Had and Any Concerns I Had About the Case.


Ryan represented me in case and was honest and thorough he answered all my questions and helped me understand the entire process. Ryan was easy to work with responded quickly with any questions I had and any concerns I had about the case. His fee was reasonable as well. I would recommend Ryan to all my friends and family."

He Saved Me from Having a DUI on My Record and I'm Forever Grateful for All His Help!


I had an excellent experience with Ryan, he was very professional, knowledgeable and honest. He kept me informed throughout the whole process. He saved me from having a D.U.I on my record and I'm forever grateful for all his help! He prepared me for the worst but gave me the best outcome ever. We went to trial and got a not guilty verdict!!!! He did an awesome job!! He is totally my go-to lawyer from now on!!!!"

If You Need the Right Guy to Help You Through an Unfortunate Situation There Is Nobody You Should Call Before Ryan.

Former Client

Ryan and his practice deserve your consideration when seeking criminal defense in Georgia. When a holiday trip from NC ended with an arrest on entirely false charges I was distraught beyond belief. Hours from home at my lowest moment in life sitting in a town outside Atlanta, Georgia, Ryan was there to walk me through the whole process from bonding out to a successful job of securing a full dismissal by the prosecutor for charges rarely, if ever, dropped in the state of Georgia. If you need the right guy to help you through an unfortunate situation there is nobody you should call before Ryan. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Ryan literally did what needed to happen to avoid this unjust horrible nightmare of a situation from going any further the wrong direction and becoming an issue that would stick with me for a lifetime. Thank you Ryan. Highest regards to you and your team for the amazing work you did with my case."

He Insured My Driving Record Would Stay Intact and Eased My Mind Throughout the Process.


Ryan was effective and efficient in handling my recent traffic violation. He insured my driving record would stay intact and eased my mind throughout the process. It was great working with Ryan."

A Terrible Situation Had a "Best Case" Conclusion.


When our son was in need of an attorney in Atlanta we quickly contacted friends who knew the legal community in the Atlanta area. Ryan's name was among the three we were given. On a Sunday morning, he answered our call and advised us how to help our son get out of jail. He then met with my son the next day and gave him a game plan for dealing with his situation. He kept our son informed and communicated regularly with the appropriate people involved in the case. It took awhile, but the case was sensitive and required patience. However, by doing as he instructed and being patient, the case was dropped. A pragmatic and caring man, Ryan knew what to do and chose to do it with compassion and respect. A terrible situation had a "best case" conclusion. We could not be more pleased."

He Was Very Candid and Straightforward with The Utmost Respect and Has Always Looked out For My Best Interests.


"I was recommended by a friend to seek legal advice from Ryan Schwartz. He has helped and guided me through my DUI case. Our communication was very clear from the beginning. He was very candid and straightforward with the utmost respect and has always looked out for my best interests. He responded to all of my questions and concerns in regards to my case. He did the best of his ability to help lessen my charge. I am thankful for his service and would highly recommend him to anyone."

An Amazing Help Resolving a Frustrating Issue


While volunteering at a charity event, I was helping a woman who had epilepsy get to her car to retrieve her medicine. While backing out with a golf cart, I accidentally bumped a car. As the woman was on the verge of an epileptic seizure I couldn't stop to write a note, and when I came back the police officer wrote me a ticket for failing my duty on an unattended car. Ryan is an intelligent, patient, understanding and driven to represent his clients with a 5 star level of service. Not only did he prevent anything from getting on my record, I walked away with a $100 fine. I have already referred Ryan to a family friend, and I would highly encourage anyone who is in need of a legal champion to reach out to him!"

He Told Me Upfront how Things Were Looking and What the Plan Was and I Was Very Impressed with His Honesty.


"Mr. Schwartz was a very friendly and professional lawyer. He immediately got to handling my case right away and did all he could to get me the best result. He told me upfront how things were looking and what the plan was and I was very impressed with his honesty. Even if it was something I didn't want to hear he was straight with me. He worked hard and resolved my case very quickly writhing only a few weeks and got me the best result I could've asked for. He's a hardworking and honest lawyer who did all he could for me and u appreciate that."

Wish I'd Hired Him Sooner


Dunwoody serious traffic offense. If I had hired Ryan sooner in the process, we would have saved money and aggravation. Ryan is very easy to work with."

With a Tight Timeline and Little Notice, Ryan Led Me Through the Court System to Resolve the FTA and Settle the Ticket with All Fees Being Suspended.


Excellent experience with Ryan. I contacted him after receiving his referral, and he was prompt with reply via email and phone call. After I was unable to resolve my FTA and improper lane change remotely (I'm out of state), I hired Ryan to help me navigate the Atlanta municipal court while I was back in Atlanta on business. With a tight timeline and little notice, Ryan led me through the court system to resolve the FTA and settle the ticket with all fees being suspended. He ensured the process was stress-free, as I did not have to wait in any of the typical lines and we were first on the docket. He made good recommendations on how to settle the ticket and I was out of the courthouse with both the citation and FTA resolved by 9am. He was professional, personable, and had good knowledge and experience with resolving my situation. I could also tell he's built strong relationships with those at the courthouse and with other local lawyers. Overall impressed and happy with the service and would highly recommend working with Ryan."

Job Well Done!


I hired Ryan and he got the job done right away. He hired me an doc to look at my back and he was aways a text and or a phone call away. Thanks for a job well done."

Hands Down! I'm Super Satisfied!


"I hired Ryan and less than 24 hours later he got the case dismissed. Overall, I am completely satisfied, relieved and thankful to come across a lawyer who truly cares about the clients satisfaction and willingness to go the extra mile even upon initial hire. I talked to so many attorneys and there end result was pay me and I will see how it goes. Ryan is results driven. Hands down! I'm super satisfied!"

I Would Refer a Client to Him Because I Know They Would Be in Great Hands with Him.

Kevin P.

"Ryan is an excellent attorney. His hard work, responsiveness, and results for his clients truly sets him apart from his peers. Without hesitation, I would refer a client to him because I know they would be in great hands with him."

Attorney Schwartz Is Very Knowledgeable & Professional.

Durante P.

"I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Schwartz is a former colleague, as we are both former prosecutors. Attorney Schwartz is very knowledgeable & professional. He provides every client with the best customer service! Keep up the great work Attorney Schwartz!"

I Highly Recommend!

Matthew Occelli

A tough situation requires the best attorney. I found that with Ryan Schwartz. He worked hard to get the best possible outcome for my situation. I highly recommend!

Ryan Cares About His Clients and Their Needs


Ryan has been excellent to work with, and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of the legal services he offers. Ryan successfully fixed in the issue I was dealing with, and did so in an extremely efficient and time sensitive manner. It is also clear that Ryan cares about his clients and their needs. I am fortunate that someone recommended Ryan to me

He is hardworking, committed and responsive.

J Diaz

Ryan was great to work with. He is hardworking, committed and responsive. We spoke with several attorneys and he was by far the best! Quick response and willing to immediately help us even without the initial commitment which sealed the deal for us! Thank you Ryan!

Ryan's professionalism and adept handling of the matter quickly put my mind at ease

Ion P.

I had the privilege of working with Attorney Ryan from Schwartz Trial Law, and I cannot express enough gratitude for his exceptional legal expertise and unwavering dedication throughout my case. Facing a complicated situation, I was overwhelmed and uncertain of the outcome. However, Ryan's professionalism and adept handling of the matter quickly put my mind at ease.

Thank you, Ryan, and Schwartz Trial Law, for your outstanding representation and support.

He will prioritize your case and make sure you get the BEST outcome

Aaron C.

Ryan is about his business, he will prioritize your case and make sure you get the BEST outcome. He's also a good person that genuinely cares about the well being of his clients.